Shoe Lifts for Women - Long, Lean Legs Instantly Without the Pain of High Heels!

Throughout the world, the sexy high heel is revered as the ultimate tool for getting long, lean legs and giving ladies a height advantage.

Whether you love a heeled pump or slim stilettos, most women have at least a couple of high heeled shoes in their wardrobe.

However, what happens when you can't wear heels or find them unbearably uncomfortable?

Does this mean you have to go without the benefits?

The answer: NO!

Shoe lifts for women make it easier to make any shoe into a “high heel,” giving you the same benefits without the pain.

Besides, high heels are not always practical!

Women should have footwear to match their busy lives without sacrificing their self-confidence or health.

Dangers of High Heels

Heel lifts and height increasing insoles generally do the same thing as high heels without carrying the stigma of being bad for health and comfort.

Let's take a moment to look at some negative effects of wearing high heels too often:

  • Increased pressure on the ball of the foot
  • Excessive pressure placed on the knees
  • Hips and spine are taken out of alignment as lower back is pushed forward – center of gravity shift
  • Calf muscles are constantly contracted – can lead to permanent shortening of muscles and thickening of tendons
  • Chest is pushed forward
  • Increased risk of spondylolisthesis (vertebral slippage in the lumbar region), foraminal stenosis (nerve condition), and sciatica.

Though there is a popular saying in fashion that “beauty is pain,” you don't have to negatively effect your body and causing lasting conditions to be seen as feminine, sexy, and lean.

All you need is a heel insert.

Shoe Lift Advantages for Women

Height increasing insoles, also known as shoe lifts, are a perfect way of taking a simple sneaker or fancier work shoe, and giving your heels a slight boost comfortably.

Not only do you gain some extra height, but you aren't displacing your spine or putting an unnatural amount of weight on the ball of the foot.

women's shoe lifts

You gain all the support of a pair of trainers but also the long, lean legs you get from wearing high heels.

The reason is because height increasing insoles for women are super comfortable.

The solid base allows for you weight to remain centered, keeping pressure off the knees and low back.

You don't have to wobble around while you walk!

Plus, the slight raise in the heel will help the calves contract just slightly, meaning you get shapely legs.

If you have a height discrepancy due to scoliosis or having one leg that is longer than the other, height adjusting women's shoe lifts can also help even you out, which is something that high heels would only aggravate.

With a quality women's shoe lift, you can look fabulous even while walking down the grocery store aisle or walking the dog.

You can even get a boost in your workout, since insoles even work to absorb shock and lessen the burden on the tendons in your feet and ankles.


Society places a lot of emphasis on height and beauty.

Though high heels are perceived as more attractive than flat shoes, nothing is going to trump self-confidence.

Loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin is so important.

Therefore, if you are feeling self-conscious about your legs or overall height but can't stand wearing high heels, you shouldn't force yourself to wear pumps or heels.

A high-quality heel insert, on the other hand, provides all the benefits of a high heel without the disadvantages.

Heel inserts for women are far more practical.

Additionally, you can reap the benefits of having several centimeters above the competition!

If you are looking for both height and health, fashion and function, then look no farther than a superior quality shoe lift.

Discover the possibilities of a women's height increasing insole today!