1) Which countries do you ship to, and how much is the shipping fee?
We currently ship to the following countries with fixed rate:

  • United States - 6.95 USD; Free on orders above $60
  • Canada - 6.95 USD; Free on orders above $60
  • Western Europe Countries - 13.95 USD
  • South America Countries - 13.95 USD
  • Iceland - 23.95 USD
  • United Arab Emirates - 13.95 USD
  • Australia - 13.95 USD
  • New Zealand - 13.95 USD
  • Singapore - 6.95 USD
  • Malaysia - 6.95 USD
  • Philippines - 13.95 USD
  • Japan - 13.95 USD
  • Vietnam - 13.95 USD


2) What is the shipping method?
We use Fedex to ship your with a delivery tracking link provided.

3) How long can I receive my items?
All customers will receive the order within 5 business days.

4) How is your packaging look like?
We will ensure that there is no advertising, nor any sign giving rise as to what may be within the package. For some countries, by law we are requested to use a customs declaration which will only briefly describe the product. An example would be insoles. Basically here is how the packaging look like:

Daily Orders

5) Do you ship to PO box?
Sorry we do not ship to PO box and military outpost due to courier company policy. Please provide us a physical address of your home or office.

6) I won't be at home to sign the package, what can I do?
Don't worry as FedEx is world leading courier company providing first class customer service. We have many other customers asked the same question or have special request regarding delivery. You can find more about FedEx item tracking frequently asked questions here.

7) What if I want to return the goods and get a refund?
If at any point in the next 30 days after you received your items you are not fully convinced that the shoe lifts would make you look taller, just shoot us an email with required details and we will give you a FULL refund. Please click here for more information about satisfaction guarantee.


If you cannot find your questions here, simply drop us an email and we will reply you within the next working day.