Height Increasing Insoles: The Definitive Guide (2018)

You are curious to know how the little device, height increasing insoles could add inches to your height and possibly transform your life.

We have put together this definitive guide to help you decide if height increasing insoles are the correct choice and help you overcome any uncertainty.

What are Height Increasing Insoles?

Also known as height insoles, shoe lifts, taller inserts or heel lifts, height increasing insoles are a device that fits inside your shoe to boost your height.

Height increasing insoles are used by both men and women (though women often choose high heels in lieu of shoe lifts).

Since shoe lifts can be worn with sneakers, work boots, athletic shoes, and most types of footwear, they are ideal for men for daily use or special occasions.

Should You Use Shoe Lifts?

Regardless of what mainstream media says about shoe lifts, about how "risers" should be avoided, there are many famous celebrities throughout the world who utilize height increasing insoles to make them look good in the public.

There's nothing wrong with wearing something that makes you look taller.

Women wear high heels to increase their height and lengthen their appearance, so why shouldn't men be able to do the same?

Really, it's no different than wearing cologne, dying gray hair, or removing body hair.

The key is to make yourself feel good and confident inside out.

Whether you are self-conscious about your height or not, 1-2 more inches can always help you overcome boundaries that are not in your control.

It's a good option.

Do what's best for you, even if that means using height insoles to increase your physical stature.

How Do You Use Height Insoles?

Height increasing insoles are a quick and easy solution.

Many of them are one size fits all.

If needed, you can trim the insole to make it fit certain shoes perfectly.

From there, all you do is slip the height increasing insole into the shoe then insert your feet.

That's it.



Why Would Being Taller Help Me?

If you ever felt like you were literally looked down upon because you weren't as tall as the guy next to you, it's not the result of paranoia.

There is a direct connection between how people perceive others and the height of that individual.

You may have noticed that taller guys seem to get it all - the job promotion, a successful relationship, the trendy clothing, and all the attention - while shorter guys lag behind.

There has been a number of studies recently that are uncovering a connection with height and success in all parts of life.

One of those studies even notes that "big men experienced increased social status due to their physical superiority in competition to others," and went on to further apply this observation to their findings, which stated, "we found clear evidence to support the notion that human height is positively related to interpersonal dominance...[and] these different perceptions of and behaviors towards taller compared to shorter individuals may subsequently lead to increased self-esteem in taller individuals."

Another study reported by Independent concluded that "height and BMI play an important partial role in determining several aspects of a person's socioeconomic status,'s height for education, income, and job class."

Since social status is blatantly affected by your height, then shorter men are at a certain disadvantage.

Therefore, being taller would help you by helping you assert your authority.

Every a few more points towards your level of confidence will go a long way, and you can start approaching your life with more ambition and motivation to strive for more.

Buying Guides

Let's have a look at some of the things you should think about when purchasing a pair or two:

  • Shoe size - Use shoes that are a half size bigger than your normal size because the height insoles will take up some space.
  • Height - The more height you add, the more unnatural the increase will look. We suggest to go for 1-2 inches extra height for best comfortability.
  • Shipping - You might not want to broadcast to others that you have ordered a pair of shoe lifts. Be sure the seller is using discreet shipment.

Which Celebrities Use Height Insoles?

We're willing to bet that you can't name celebrities who wear height insoles.

The reason is because, unless the person openly says they are wearing height increasing insoles or is continuously changing the height of their insoles, these lifts are imperceptible.

However, some of the most famous examples would be Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, Taylor Lautner, Simon Cowell, Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, and Daniel Radcliffe.

How Could Height Insoles Possibly Change Your Life Forever?

Wearing height increasing insoles is all about increasing your confidence, but there are more advantages than a few more inches.

Here are the benefits of using height insoles:

  • Confidence - Once you change your height, you won't only feel more confident, others will treat you with more respect, subsconciously.
  • Better posture - Short men tend to have tight hips and shortened Achilles tendons, which can cause lower back pain. Using height insoles helps support the pelvis, lengthen the spine, and release any load on the lumbar spine.
  • Orthopedic - Height insoles can be used to absorb shock and correct height discrepancies between your legs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are height insoles comfortable for daily wear?

Generally, yes, height insoles are comfortable enough to be worn daily, in a number of settings, depending on the shoe.

The best height increasing insole will feel as if they're not there at all.

2. How can I make my height insoles for comfortable?

Though height insoles are innately comfortable straight out of the wrappings, if you need more comfort, here are some tips:

  • Use shoes that are a half size bigger than your normal size. Height insoles actually take up some of the space of your shoe, so if your shoes are already tight, you're only making them smaller.
  • Loosen the laces of your shoes. For the same reason above, loosening the laces will create more space for your foot to fit inside the shoe.
  • Take off the bottom layer of the height insoles. If you feel that shaving off a few centimeters will create more room in your shoes, then you can remove the bottom layer of the height insoles. Some people say that losing several centimeters defeats the purpose of the height insoles, but your comfort should come first. No one is going to notice a 2-3 cm difference - and you still get the extra boost.

3. What is the average length of wear before needing a replacement?

The height insoles that we keep in stock are very durable and resistant to moisture and daily wear and tear.

However, for hygienic purposes, we recommend that you replace them every 3-6 months.

4. Can height insoles be washed? How?

Yes, you can wash our height increasing insoles, but you can't put them in the washing machine.

Use a gentle brush and warm water then leave them to air dry.

5. Will it be obvious that I'm wearing height increasing insoles?

Unless you give yourself a 4 inch boost, no, no one should know that you are sporting a pair of height increasing insoles.

Several accounts for customers reveal this to be true.

Since height insoles are different than elevator shoes, no one will be able to even see the increased height, especially when pant legs cover the top of the shoe.

6. Can I use the same pair of shoe lifts with multiple shoes?

Yes! One of the main advantages of height insoles is that you can use the same pair of insoles in a number of regular shoes, such as work shoes, boots, high tops, and sneakers.

However, do keep in mind that shoes with low sides (low or nonexistent around the ankle), such as slip-ons, clogs, and moccasins are not compatible with insoles of any kind.

Also, we advise you to remove the additional piece of the insole if you plan on using the height insoles with a dress shoe.

Otherwise, the insole will be too long and high, and your foot will come straight out of the dress shoe.

7. Can I wear height insoles during exercise, like sports matches?

We don't recommend using height insoles while playing sports.

This is the same as trying to sprint in stilettos and increases the risk of ankle injuries.

Thus, it is best to keep your height increasing insoles separate from your sports sneakers.

8. What is the main difference between elevator shoes and height insoles?

The main difference is that height insoles and elevator is that height insoles are removable.

You can use the insoles with a variety of shoe styles, as long as the height around the ankle is adequate.

Conversely, elevator shoes have an elevated sole, and the height is fixed to that shoe alone.

Elevator shoes are also much more conspicuous than height increasing insoles, since you can visibly see the platform that the individual is walking on.

9. How effective are height insoles?

Super effective! Yet, how well they work for you depends on the amount of height you are adding underfoot.

Customers have reported that reactions to their increased height was varied, based on the noticeable difference.

Those who boosted themselves up by a few inches received more compliments than those who seemed to gain a sudden and unnatural amount of inches.

However, to the passerby who don't know you personally, either change is imperceptible.

Closing Thoughts

Height insoles are a smart invention that can make a big difference in your life.

Regardless of why you have chosen to use height increasing insoles, you should know that there is nothing wrong with feeling more confident.

Many men utilize height insoles to give themselves the same advantage their peers have naturally.

With a pair of comfortable height insoles, you can feel like you're walking on top of the world.