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1) Where can I purchase the shoe lifts?
Our shoe lifts are only available online through We ship worldwide. More on shipping here.

2) Are they guaranteed to increase my height?
Yes, the purpose of our shoe lifts is to provide you instant height up to 2.4 inches (6cm). Try them! If you are not happy, simply contact us and we fill provide you a full refund with no questions asked! Click here to read more about our 30-days refund policy.

3) Does the shoe lifts come in pairs?
Yes, all our shoe lifts are sold as pairs.

4) Are shoe lifts comfortable for daily wear?
Yes, our shoe lifts are extremely comfortable because of their lightweight injection molded neoprene which ensures that the insoles molds to the shape of your shoes and your feet.

5) Are shoe lifts safe for my back?
Our shoe lifts are orthopedically designed to offer maximum comfort for people who spend long periods of time on their feet. And for the answer, yes! They are safe for your back.

6) How long will a pair of shoe lifts last before needing to be replaced?
Our shoe lifts are durable and resistant to both wear and moisture. However, we do not recommend exceeding use of any pair of shoe lifts for more than 4 months of daily wear for hygienic reasons.

7) Can I wear the shoe lifts while playing sports?
Recreational activity is not recommended while wearing shoe lifts.

8) Are all shoe lifts one size fits all?
Yes. Our shoe lifts come with perforated edges on the underside of the insole which allow for easy trimming with scissors. However, they fit most shoes right out of the box with out any trimming necessary. The Universal shoe lifts are heel only lifts that do not require any trimming and will slide into just about any shoe.

9) Are they washable?
Yes. All our shoe lifts are washable. Wash them with a brush and water. Leave them in the open air until they dry.

10) What will be shown on my credit card billing statement?

Click here for shipping FAQs.

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