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The usage is very straight forward- just slide the lifts inside the shoes. I got to remove the bottom layer of Universal Shoe Lifts because my shoes ankle support is not high enough. This shoe lifts is more suitable for high top Converse and mens' boots.

Eugene Loo

I like these shoe lifts they are like the greatest invention ever for short women!I am amazed with the mystery gift they are like double value of what I paid. I wouldn't reveal what is it here as they should be a surprise for every customers.


Hi Alan,

I got my Men Ultimate Shoe Lifts today and I am totally impressed with the high quality shoe lifts. I use them for my Nike sneakers and happy with my "new appearance" in front of the mirror.Thanks a million.

Best Regards,
Terry Ogle

This product is exactly the same as what I would purchase at a medical supply store but at a fraction of the cost. I also received the delivery very quickly. Thanks.


At four foot eight I was always the shy girl in class, and then once I entered the corporate world I began to notice that I was being over looked for promotions, raises and even parties! You hear all your life when you are short that tall people have the upper hand and that statistically they make more money. Well I wasn't going to deal with that anymore, so I thought I would give Women Ultimate Height Insoles a go. Within 2 months I was invited to my first staff party, at three months I got my first raise for the year and right now I am on my way to a bigger office and a better job! Not only have these lifts changed my working world they have changed my entire life.

Shelia Walker, PEI Canada


obviously guys can't wear high heels (well you could, but you'd get a lot of funny looks). i've always wanted something like that though because i'm naturally on the short side, my whole family is. these are perfect for me. it's a subtle way to make yourself taller without attracting any unwanted attention. a little more wanted attention though - a girl hit on me at the club two nights ago, which doesn't usually happen. i'm attributing it to the lifts. ;) nothing but positive comments from me!


Simply the best invention on earth for short people. Alan is very supportive and helped me during the order. Great business and I wish more short people can benefits from it.

Titus Bissog, LA

Men's Ultimate Shoe Lifts started me on quite a new life path, so I had to write in to tell you all about the change in me. First off I have confidence which is HUGE for me, secondly I finally started dating. It is amazing how much two inches can change your life and the best part is that no one knows I am wearing them. These lifts are perfectly placed inside my shoes, boots or runners.

D. Beg

When I was beginning acting school last year one of the first things my teacher told me was to buy your lifts. He said at my height I will probably get overlooked for great parts. Don't get me wrong I'm not short but I am just your average guy, so with Ultimate Height Insoles I can become just above average. My favourite part about them is just how great they make me feel when I wear them, I come across more confidant and why I am is my little secret.

Anonymous, New York

As a child I suffered an accident which caused a growth defect in my left leg. Regardless it has always grown at a slower pace than my right. Sadly this caused my to wear shoes with one sole higher than the other which is awful, hideous and to top it off EVERYONE knows about it. Until I found your product and figured out the best possible way to keep this under wraps, I just wear a lift in my one shoe, and with the help of the eBook Style Guide for Short People, I figured out just how to dress right along with it.

Thanks for your wonderful product.


Mike, New York