While it is a fact that most women like taller men, this doesn't mean that a shorter man can't marry a beautiful (and sometimes taller) woman.

Tom Cruise height

Just think about Tom Cruise's height, for example.

According to the records, Tom Cruise is listed as having 5'7 height.

celebrity height insolesHowever, if you take some time googling his photos, especially the ones where he appears next to Katie Holmes, his ex-wife, all of the sudden, he doesn't seem short.

In case you don't know, Katie is listed as a 5'9, so she is taller than Tom.

So, how can he look taller than Katie on several photos they share together when they were still a couple?

The truth is that there are no magic pills that can make you taller.

You are the way you were born.

Having said that, there are a few things that you can do to make you look taller.

And no, there's no photoshop involved.

The only thing that Tom is doing on all the photos where he appears with Katie and he looks taller is that he is wearing height increasing insoles, something like Lift Height Insoles.

And guess what?!

Tom Cruise isn't the only actor in Hollywood who is doing it...

Celebrities' Shoe Lifts Could Change Your Whole Life

You probably recognize the names like Mark Wahlberg, Bruno Mars, or even Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, indeed they are shorter than they look and appear like possibly because they wear height increasing insoles.

When Tom used height increasing insoles, he didn't do it just to look better on the cameras.

He did it because he needed to boost his confidence.

And the only way possible to get it was by using something that could add some height.

Truth to be told - this is no big surprise for everyone.

tom cruise's shoe lifts

When you wear height increasing insoles, you will not only increase your height and confidence.

You will be, in fact, making a good decision for your posture.

If you pay attention to yourself, you'll probably notice that you have a tendency to slouch which will even decrease your natural height.

However, when you're using the Tom Cruise type of shoe lifts, you will not only look taller than ever.

One of the best things about the shoe lifts by Lift Height Insoles is the fact that they are orthopedically designed not only to provide you with some extra inches as well as to provide you with comfort.

Height is definitely important and just like Tom Cruise and other Hollywood actors know, you know it as well.

So, grab your shoe lifts like other celebrities did and boost your confidence now.