Human beings seem to have a need for intimate relationship in which they give and receive love from a special person. But, in choosing this special person who will meet these needs, cultural norms play a determinant role. Also, tradition and custom influence human behaviour hence, choosing love partner is based on what they have learnt, how they feel and their hearts’ desires.

But the question might be asked someday that what is responsible for attraction between men and women and also for choosing this special person? Many reasons can be adduced for this phenomenon, one of which is “being tall”. But, is height really among the parameters for choosing this special person? If yes, does being tall gives any chance of being picked over other men who are not tall? Yes! You may ask me why, but they are already explained below. So, don’t get mad at me.

Though, long term loving relationship demands more than mere physical characteristics which tend to deteriorate as human advance in age, but, being tall does matter because, for a lady who prefer that, it will bring joy and satisfaction-- a sense that she is able to get what she truly deserve.

One of the reasons making tallness important is that women think they are protected and saver with men who are tall. Men of above average height are viewed as lovely, caring and easy going by women. This helps the development of such relationship.

Being tall also play a key role in the choice of intimate partner of most women. Women who are legged prefer to have love affair with men whose height are higher or the same. This might be due to the belief of women that gangling men will pass their strong genes to their offspring. They are definitely right, or aren’t they? Gene is passed from parents down to offspring says geneticist!

Moreover, in a love relationship, a woman who is tall may love to have satisfactions from both ends. She may be genuinely interested in enduring long-term relationship with a man who is reliable and who can satisfy her emotional materials and physical needs. She may also desire to have a man who is as same height as hers or even taller. In this kind of love relationship; being tall does matter. Though, she is seriously considering other factors that can aid her relationship, but, she is getting what she wants as well. She knows relationship does not last because of height, rather, such factors as commitment, trust, communication, togetherness and respect for each other, but her joy for ending up with a man with the height she desire will give her a sense that she eventually had what she wanted. This also will aid the development of their relationships.

Meaning is also attached to being tall, which makes it a bit important in love relationship. There are some men who have love relationship with women who are taller. This sort of men believes that long legged women are attractive, straight and beautiful. They do this without relegating to the background some important relationship attributes I have mentioned above. But, they love it more because they believe tallness aids catwalks and other things I don’t want to mention in this article.

Lastly, some women prefer to engage in love relationship with men who are lanky, probably because they believe being tall makes such men attractive, dominant and assertive. In the USA, some women believe dating tall men will enable them wear their high-hill shoes, which adds to the elegance of togetherness. The preference for taller men extends, it seems, beyond the boardroom and into the bedroom.