Height Impact on Your CareerLooks matter, especially when you are dealing with other people. Though it is often considered taboo to say so, your physical characteristics will make an impact on your career, no matter what field you go in. For those of us who are blessed with longer legs and a taller overall height, this is good news. Believe it or not, it pays to be tall. Here are some ways tall people get an edge in the workplace.

1. Taller people are more likely to be noticed by HR in a positive light. People notice taller people naturally, and their height often is associated with a higher level of confidence and competence. No wonder why taller people are more likely to be promoted than their diminutive colleagues.

2. Because people see tall people as more natural leaders, people who are tall often have an easier time closing sales. Those who are in the sales world are lucky if they are tall. Because people often associate a taller height with leaders, as well as with aesthetic appeal, salesmen who are a couple of inches above average height often will be able to sway customers that normally would not trust a shorter salesman.

Being tall does open up career opportunities that may not be available to others. Tall men and women are more likely to be hired as models, actors, sports players, law enforcement officials, and bounces simply because their tall stature makes them physically imposing. Some of the job openings that tall people are more likely to get are offered to them because being tall is often taken as a sign of strength and good health, too. And make no mistake about it – many jobs in showbiz do have height minimums that bar most people from getting the gig.

Tall people statistically receive larger paychecks. Even if you are hired for the same position as a short person, if you are tall, statistically, it's likely that you will get more money for the same job. For every inch above average, a person will earn $789 more per year. This even extends to the kinds of jobs that are held by taller-than-average Joes. The average CEO is just under six feet in height, and the average CEO also has a salary well over $100,000.

Taller women are viewed as a lot more confident than shorter women – even if they aren't. Women who are taller than average are more likely to be hired after an in person interview than shorter ones, simply because hiring managers believe them to be more confident about their ability to do the job.

Statistically speaking, people are more likely to vote for a taller politician. Once again, this is because people often subconsciously associate tall people with leadership, which means that the taller person often looks more like a natural leader. No wonder why tall people also are more likely to be listened to in the boardroom as well.

Contrary to what high schoolers may tell you, being tall is not a bad thing. In fact, taller people are more likely to have career success, big paychecks, fame, and happy families. Take pride in your height – it's a blessing!