Tom Cruise's Height - 5ft 7 ¾ (172.1 cm)

While it is a fact that most women like taller men, this doesn't mean that a shorter man can't marry a beautiful (and sometimes taller) woman.

Tom Cruise height

Just think about Tom Cruise's height, for example.

According to the records, Tom Cruise is listed as having 5ft 7 ¾ (172.1 cm) height.

celebrity height insolesHowever, if you take some time googling his photos, especially the ones where he appears next to Katie Holmes, his ex-wife, all of the sudden, he doesn't seem short.

In case you don't know, Katie is listed as a 5'9, so she is taller than Tom.

So, how can he look taller than Katie on several photos they share together when they were still a couple?

The truth is that there are no magic pills that can make you taller.

You are the way you were born.

Having said that, there are a few things that you can do to make you look taller.

And no, there's no photoshop involved.

The only thing that Tom is doing on all the photos where he appears with Katie and he looks taller is that he is wearing height increasing insoles, something like Lift Height Insoles.

And guess what?!

Tom Cruise isn't the only actor in Hollywood who is doing it...

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You probably recognize the names like Mark Wahlberg, Bruno Mars, or even Robert Downey Jr.

Yes, indeed they are shorter than they look and appear like possibly because they wear height increasing insoles.

When Tom used height increasing insoles, he didn't do it just to look better on the cameras.

He did it because he needed to boost his confidence.

And the only way possible to get it was by using something that could add some height.

Truth to be told - this is no big surprise for everyone.

tom cruise's shoe lifts

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Tom Cruise's Story about His Height

Tom Cruise is an American actor known for his performances in movies including Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Rain Man, Minority Report, and Jerry Maguire. As one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, he’s drawn a lot of media attention including plenty of articles that never let go of his “apparent” shortness. To the point where articles draw attention to how he apparently lost over a quarter of an inch in height. Tom is regularly billed at being around 5’7”, although he was referred to as being the average 5’8” or 5’9” back in the 80s. Tom Cruise himself quoted being around that tall when he said in an 1988 interview that he’s always been around the same weight and height of “147 pounds at 5 feet 9 inches”. Another article from that year described Tom as being “incredibly average” outside of his “devilish grin and ice-blue eyes”, saying that he was about “5 foot 8 inches and 160 pounds”.

His former partner Nicole Kidman mentioned that when they were filming Days of Thunder together that even though she was wearing flat shoes, it was obvious that she was taller than Tom. She commended Tom for being one of the most famous actors in the world and having no trouble working with an actress that’s taller than him. When the pair were divorced, she joked about his height again by saying “I can wear heels again!”. The producer of Days of Thunder – Don Simpson – also couldn’t resist taking a jab at Cruise for his height, saying he would never put Tom Cruise down because he’s “already kinda short”.

Even Scottish comedian Billy Connelly has weighed in on the matter, but in defense of Cruise. Connelly laughs off the idea that Cruise is some kind of pint-sized Average Joe. According to Connelly Cruise was “At least 5ft10” and a “smashing guy”. He feels that some people want Cruise to be small when he isn’t because they are “jealous b****rds”. Tom worked with another actress on Eyes Wide Shut who challenged him to stand back to back with her to see how tall he really was. She revealed that Tom was a little taller than her and she’s just under 5ft8, joking that the myth has been dispelled and that Cruise is “not 5’2”!”

Richard Harris has the opposite view, saying that Tom Cruise is a “midget” with “eight bodyguards, all 6-feet-10” that make him look even smaller. “He’s an absolute joke.” Comments Harris. This idea was also backed up by chat-show host Paul O’Grady, who described Tom by saying that he was “minute” and that he looked like “a Borrower”. O’Grady says he wanted to joke with Tom, asking why they sent a “Mini-Me” instead of the real Tom Cruise.

There’s been an endless amount of speculation about whether or not Tom Cruise wears elevated boots. Some magazines have even erroneously claimed that a pair of Air Force One sneakers Tom was wearing were a kind of weighted elevator sneaker. However, it has been reported that Tom Cruise did request elevator shoes when filming Interview with the Vampire so that he could look taller when stood with Brad Pitt.

Tom Cruise often appeared to be about level with Katie Holmes when they were married, who is a good 2 inches taller than him. This fueled speculation that he was wearing 3-inch height shoes. While Cruise has never publicly confirmed doing so, there was a lot of speculation that he used heel lift shoes to make up the difference. If it’s true that he’s using them, he can definitely tell the elevator shoes benefits for himself. Tom has learned that using lift shoes answers the very real problem of what short guys can do to get taller. A taller appearance allows Tom to project greater authority, confidence, and presence both off-and-on-screen.