Shorter people are faced with lots of challenges due to their height.

napoleon complexThis has resulted to most of them suffering from 'Napoleon Complex.'

The Napoleon Complex is a form of inferiority complex whereby a person tries to make up for a perceived shortcoming.

As a result of these obstacles on their path to progress, they perpetually try to prove themselves as complete human beings.

More emphasis would be laid on why shorter people always have to prove themselves in this piece.

1. They are Not Easily Noticed

Shorter people are always in the quest for recognition because they are hardly ever noticed.

This means that they need to work extra hard to get attention. This happens both in work settings and social groups.

A manager is more likely to consider a taller employee as more competent and suitable for a leadership position. When this is the case, the shorter fellow would have to prove his competence in the job by going the extra mile.

In the case of social groups, the shorter fellow could develop a loud attitude to draw attention. If the person succeeds, it becomes a lifestyle.

2. People Don't Think They are Strong

It is erroneously believed that strength lies in a person's height.

This has made a lot of shorter people try to prove themselves as strong.

A lot of them try to carry heavy weights in public and also defend their friends in times of danger. These activities are simply motivated by their desire to prove themselves.

Ladies do not consider shorter men as capable of protecting them from harm. As a result, they seek taller men as companions and only settle for shorter ones when they run out of options.

In proving their strength, over time, they may be seen as having a commensurate level of strength with the taller people.

3. They are Not Considered as Capable Leaders

Regarding leadership skills, taller people are considered more capable because they have more confidence in themselves.


They stand out among short people, they dominate conversations, and they do not have an inferiority complex.

This makes them more capable of handling leadership roles. Shorter people would have to prove their leadership skills by working harder for anyone to believe in them.

What If You Can Become Taller?

From the above, it could be seen that the whole problem begins from the way the society views shorter people.

height increasing insolesThis is what makes them always to struggle to prove themselves whenever they feel it's necessary.

If society can change their view of shorter people, then, perhaps, the shorter people would learn to be more confident in themselves.

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This is the fastest and most effective approach to solving this problem because no one would know they are wearing them and it could add two to three inches to their height making a short person average and an average person tall.