If you’re short like me, you know how frustrating it can be in everyday life. But why let that you down? Life is what you make of it, so why let something that simple get you down? As the saying goes, if the shoe fits, where it. If some of the most recognizable people in the world, celebrities, can live with being short, why can’t we? So I made it my missions to make the most of it and to not let it get me down. 

Celebrities heightThese people have made it big, even with the their small frame. It just goes to show that size is not everything, that being 5 feet whatever is not a disablility, but a unique opportunity to be taken advantage of. The list includes Rob Schneider, 5 feet 5 inches, Paula Abdul, 5 feet 2 inches, Jason Alexander, 5 feet 4 inches, Sarah Alexander, 5 feet 3 inches. If these people can be successful, why can’t we?

The only thing that is stopping us height challenged people is our own mind. Because shorter people tend to have little confidence about their abilities, they never apply themselves to making the most of the situation. It’s about time for all that to change. There is no reason to be held back by your shortness any longer, as I have learned. Once I realized that I can make myself be whatever I want, despite my height, I lived a much happier and fulfilling life. One way that those celebrities I named above and many other short people across the world has lived a more fulfilling lifestyle, is by using shoe lifts, or sometimes known as height insoles

These celebrities and myself alike had to fight discrimination based on our height. The number of jobs we were offered were limited, people didn’t think we were able to accomplish things that others could. So by using shoe lifts, it’s possible to even the playing field. With more confidence and a new found appreciation for life, your abilities will soar to heights never seen before.  Shoe shopping will no longer be dreaded. 

One of the problems many people encounter when choosing shoe lifts is what size and type to get, as there are many different combinations available. You want to get one that compliments your body style. With a good pair of shoe lifts, you can easily gain 3 to 5 inches and enhance your personal image. The way other people see you will improve, as well as the way you feel about yourself. 

Shoe lifts aren’t only for celebrities anymore. Shoe lifts actually have added health benefits as well, as they can improve lower back pain by giving you better posture. They can even be used when playing sports as they are that durable. So what are you waiting for? Consider the option of using shoe lifts today, and reap the benefits tomorrow!