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Being ShortThe world is made off different types of people, with different colors, shapes and sizes. Those differences make each one of us unique in our own way, which is a beautiful thing.

However, the world does not always see that things that way, where people who are viewed as different are often discriminated against or ostracized. This is probably one of the biggest issues people who are regarded as short, tend to deal with.

Here are the top 3 common problems short people have to deal with:

Problems Buying Clothes

Shopping for clothes is often not a lot of fun for short people. This is because the shelves and racks found in clothing stores always tend to be too tall and thus out of reach for short people. Clothing sizes found in most stores are more geared to regular height people, which may force short people to buy their clothes from the kids section.

As a result of this type of issues, most short men prefer to shop for tailor made suits, which can lag behind in fashion trends.

Workplace Discrimination

Multiple surveys have been done to show that shorter men are often sidelined in the workplace, when it comes to promotions and higher salaries. This is also true in the job recruitment process, where tall people tend be the preferred choice of candidate, as compared to shorter people.


The society as whole has developed a stereo typical caricature of the kind of behavior expressed by shorter men. This may have to do with the negative impression Napoleon the Great (who was a short man) left on the society, as a man with very short temper. Some people argue that short people, due to the envy of taller people, will often lash out at them. However, this is only am myth and not to be taken seriously.

Even though all this factors would constitute as a serious breach of discrimination laws, no legislation has been taken so far to protect the rights of short people. All this issues added together will often wear down of their self-esteem and sense of self-worth short possessed by short people.

This lack of confidence also affects their ability to get into a relationship, and they often end up living single lonely lives. If you are going through similar issues, don’t fret. With a good dose of self-confidence, humor and the right ensemble, you should be able to face the world with your head help up high.

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Comments | Posted By Alan Newman

It is sad how discrimination exist in this world, even in these modern times, be it racial discrimination, gender discrimination, or height discrimination. There is no wonder to why smart marketers take advantage of this situation to come out with all sorts of products claiming to help people increase their height. Discrimination based on height is called heightism, and unfortunately this is perhaps one of the most blatant form of discrimination that people get away with.

Height discrimination could be either to short people or to unusually tall people, although based on surveys and researches, short people have it harder compared to taller people. It is proven through studies that taller people earn more compared to shorter people, in fact, based on a research, when asked couples of  identical twins, it shows that the taller one earns more compared to the shorter one. This is more of a psychology and sociology issue more than anything else. Height discrimination puts a massive impact on society in various areas.

The points above are evidence that height discrimination plays a role to the impact on the business world. Besides the above study, the University of North Carolina and the University of Florida made a research in where they found out that for every inch in difference from one man to another, the taller man earns $789 dollars average more in a year. They are also able to come out with a statistic that taller MBA graduates are offered 12% more starting salary compared to their shorter comrades.

Height discrimination not only affects short people business wise, but it also affects them when it comes to dating, love life and marriage. A study by the University of Groningen shows that tall in height is a major trait when it comes to sexual attractiveness. However, this affects mostly to men, as on the other hand, another study shows that man find taller women intimidating, therefore preferring shorter women as mates.

In regions, especially in Asia, short people are considered to be unattractive, and taller ones are often the favorites when it comes to choosing a love partner. The height discrimination in certain places in Asia is so extreme to the point that some people would even go through surgeries and cosmetic enhancements as well as body mutilation in order to become taller.

Height discrimination is also rampant in politics, where a research shows that between the year 1904 to 1984 in United States, out of all the elected presidents, only two of them were shorter compared to the average men height of the nation. Even Robert Reich, a former Secretary of Labor commented how heightism affects politics in society as most politicians are tall and broad shouldered.

Even in sports, height discrimination is obvious. Most promoters believe that taller and bigger athletes are much more entertaining, and this hurts the shorter athletes career. The heightism in sports is another reason why short athletes are so pressured they look towards growth hormones and steroids to help them grow taller and get bigger.

Although the impact of height discrimination on individuals can be reduced by using a number of well known methods, such as shoe lifts or fashion tricks, it would be much better if people all around the world are able to accept people on how they really are, and not judge them based by their looks, weight, height, skin color, or religion.

At the end of this article, here is a video about height discrimination:

Comments | Posted By Alan Newman

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