Do you want to look taller? Well, you don’t have to rush into surgery to have a few inches added to your height. All you need to do is to follow the six very effective height-boosting fashion tricks below so you’ll look much taller than before:

1. Wear vertical stripes

A shirt with vertical stripes will make you look taller. So naturally, you have to stay away from horizontal pleats and designs. The idea is to make the eyes go up and down to create an illusion of height.

2. Go monochrome

Wearing a blue shirt on top of faded jeans is a better idea than going for a bright-colored shirt. The monochromatic effect creates an illusion of height so try to stick to using different shades of just one color when picking which clothes to wear.

3. Use a narrow tie

A thick tie may look nice but it may reduce the height that you want to project. A slimmer tie, on the other hand, enhances your stature.

4. Avoid baggy clothing

Wear something that perfectly fits you, especially when it comes to shirts and pants. Wear shirts with narrow folds and smaller cuffs. As for pants, be sure that they are just the right length – not too long or too short. All these will make you look taller.

5. Avoid wearing shorts

A pair of board shorts will cut your height. What’s more, wearing them will bring attention to your legs. If your legs are rather short, you surely don’t want to highlight them. If you need to wear shorts, go for the ones with a slimmer cut.

6. Wear shoe lifts

Shoe lifts are the best height-boosting fashion items available today. And they’re very easy to use too. Simply slip them into any pair of shoes and wear them as usual. Immediately, you’ll enjoy a bonus of one to three inches in height.