John is a man, who at 5 foot 5 inches was shorter than the average male. Because of his reduced height, he faced a variety of challenges in his personal and professional life. His height was a constant source of psychological anguish and anxiety.

John claims he suffered irreparable trauma about 10 years ago when he went for a job interview. Because of his short stature, he lacked confidence and social status that wound up translating into disinterest and an introverted personality to his potential employer.

Because of this, he was passed up for the job, which involved a good deal of customer interaction. After that, he took a job for a lower rate of pay which has limited his earning potential and harmed his social status.

While searching for answers on the internet, John discovered shoe lifts. He ordered them hoping for an answer to his problems. While wearing the lifts, he not only gained height, he also experienced an increase in confidence. He walked straighter, looked people directly in the eye and had less anxiety about meeting people.

His new confidence propelled John to apply to a similar job to the one he had been turned down for previously. This time, John wore the shoe lifts and he passed the interview. He attributes his success to the confidence he gained from wearing the shoe lifts. For the past 10 years John has been wearing the lifts to work every day.

The hidden device adds 2 inches to his height which is enough to make him average height instead of short. He stands taller in the crowd, has more confidence and excels at his job.

He has gotten 3 promotions in his career and is currently the manager of the Marketing Department. His shoe lifts gave him the confidence and height he needed to excel in the work place.

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