There is no secret that shoe lifts is the most well-known instant solution for short people. Nevertheless this article will discuss how to increase height up to 2 inches with some of the most popular way which has helped thousands of people including some famous celebrities like Tom Cruise and athletes to gain extra inches you ever dream of.

How to Increase HeightThe average male height stands at 177 cm which is 69.7 inches and measures roughly 5 foot 10. In a world dominated by advertising that urges us to improve our looks, try harder and to simply become more attractive, you would think that implying a deficiency in the consumer’s height would be an outlandish scheme to squeeze a little more money out of our pockets and into theirs. But it happens, and we have reacted accordingly.

‘Limb lengthening surgery’ is a phrase that would no doubt send a shiver up most people’s spines with the very idea but this is the option put in front of you as the best way to fix your apparent ‘problem.’ There are of course much easier, safer and cost effective ways to improve height and more importantly improve posture which could help eliminate any altitude related quandaries you find yourself in.

How to increase height with sports? The first step would obviously be stretching exercises. When described incorrectly or sold to you badly they sound like an improbable and psychological remedy for the shorter person but if we do a little research and use common sense we can see that the continued stretching and flexing of the muscles and tendons in this manner can help toward increasing our natural height and giving us that elusive straight posture.

High intensity flexing and prolonged stretches can decompress the spinal cord relieving back pains but more importantly can trigger your pituitary gland to begin producing HGH (human growth hormone,) the hormone that decides whether you get to be an NBA star or an NBA viewer.

1) Pedalling:  Sit on the floor with your legs raised and your hands beneath your hips. From this position begin to pedal your legs vigorously for a full minute. If you feel slightly silly performing this give it another 10 seconds for the burn to start kicking in and  bear in mind that world class fighters do this exercise every day, for a long time.

2) Twists:  Stand with your back straight and your arms outstretched as far as they can in front of you. From this position turn your whole top half to one side while your bottom half remains in place. Hold for at least 5 seconds and then repeat on either side.

As with all exercises, the more you do the better your results and strengthening your spine from these sets along with a healthy diet should help increase your HGH production and remember, the harder you go, the more you get!

Probably the most effective and healthy way to become taller is shoe lifts, also known as height insoles. The descendant of the more expensive and much less versatile ‘elevator shoe.’ Where elevator shoes had to be worn at all times to maintain the illusory height increase, shoe lifts can be changed around different footwear and even allow inserts to increase height from the original lift itself. This allows the appearance of a natural ‘growing’ process and helps the wearer adjust to their new altitude over time.

Shoe LiftsIndeed, shoe lifts are not only recommended as a solution but prescribed as a remedy to many who suffer from leg length discrepancy. One leg shorter than the other causes a myriad of back and leg problems and shoe lifts can be the easiest and most effective way to help this condition.

The obvious physical benefits you achieve with shoe lifts are instant and gratifying but one thing not to be underestimated is the immediate psychological benefits. Shoe lifts are a quick fix in the very best possible sense. Applying the insert to the shoes and the wearer is instantly transported to their desired height, a height they feel is more becoming of them and allows them to exude confidence, assertiveness and perhaps even allow them to reveal a better version of themselves.

The idea that lack of confidence can stem from lack of height is often surprising to those who have never suffered from it but it is a very real problem for men and women today, especially in such an image conscious world so a solution like the shoe lift can give people a safe, inexpensive opportunity for great self-improvement and real results fast.

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