The big question is, how to get taller after 21? It is believed that after the age of 21, the body's natural growth processes end. So whatever height to get until then, you should settle for the rest of your life. Perhaps the name "shorty" sound too familiar to your ears, since Mother Nature blessed you with an under average size. But can we do something about it?

Can we push Mother Nature and convince her to give us a few inches extra? Apparently we can. Not many know about this, but there are ways to still stimulate your body's growth even after you reached 21. Here are a 7 tips that will help you put solve this matter and boost your self-confidence.

Get Taller (and Look Taller) with 7 Simple Tips:

1. Keep your posture straight

posture straightThe main issue that makes people look smaller from the start is a bad walking and standing position. Our desk work and the fact that we sit in an office too many hours every day has a negative impact on the position of our spine. You need to solve this matter out because people that don't stand or walk straight lose a couple of inches right from the start. So they will always look smaller. Thus, try to keep that spine straight, as it supposed to be.

By doing so, you will not only appear taller, but you will also reduce the pressure and relieves backaches. Yes, it will be harder in the beginning to make this work, especially if you've been sitting down at work for some while. But with practice and perseverance everything can be done.

2. Start working out

And by this it doesn't mean you have to hit the gym. At least not for your height problem. Anything that involves stretching is great for ligaments and spinal cord. Also, sports like swimming, long jumping, rope jumping and spot jumping will help elongate the body by working out on muscles and tendons. You can as well do some exercises at home or the gym.

Practice hanging exercises, Pilates rolls, arm and leg stretching, doing the candle, reaching for your toes while standing up, anything that will make your joints feel like stretching. Exercising will not only promote great health, but will also improve the condition of your spine and encourage your organism to produce the Human Growth Hormone, essential and gaining height.

3. Taking Human Growth Hormone

Yes, you can do that since a version created in medical labs is similar to the one produced by your glands. This hormone is found in abundance in the bodies of children and teenagers, as it helps them get taller and grow. Of course, when reaching the age of maturity, that being 21 more or less, our body stops producing this hormone in the amounts that will help us grow. You can use it as a supplement to enhance your growth.

But since it is a hormone, it is highly advisable to talk to a doctor before taking it and follow his guidance regarding it. You do not wish to overdo it when it comes to adding hormones to your body since there might be some side-effects. Also, don't expect the hormone will do all the hard work. You still need to exercise, sit straight and have a healthy diet. But do some research and talk to a specialist before you decide.

4. Having a balanced diet

balanced dietHow to get taller with diet? A common sentence says that we are what we eat. And this might be very well true. If our childhood was poor in the nutrients the body needed to grow properly, the result might be in the height we are so unhappy now. The body's cells need fuel to produce energy and grow. Thus, it is very important to eat healthy and diverse. This means to have a little bit of everything, and that is of every healthy food.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, good quality meat, they all must be introduced in your diet. Forget about fast foods and fried food. If you wish to stimulate your body to be taller, you need to maintain it healthy and strong. Also, by cooking your food right, you preserve all the valuable nutrients, mineral, and vitamins, so essential for your body to produce the right hormones for growth.

5. Fashion tips

You can definitely look taller with some fashion tricks. For example enhance your height through your apparel. At all costs, avoid horizontal lines in your wardrobe. They will make you look short and bulky. If you like stripes, go for the vertical lines, since they will make you look thinner and taller. For ladies, when wearing a dress or a skirt, you either opt for a floor length dress with a straight cut or choose one that is above your knees.

A middle size dress will only make you look smaller if you are a mignon. Also, wearing your hair up, in a bun on top of your head, will also create the illusion you are taller. For men, a tip would be to avoid baggy pants, or to large T-shirts. They make the body look bulky instead of elongating it.

6. Get enough rest

enough restA healthy body also means getting enough rest. Watch out for overworking yourself or living in too much stress. Both of them will affect your immune system. And if the body is not healthy enough it will be harder for you to get those extra inches.

Thus, combine exercising, an excellent diet and sleep into a healthy lifestyle. And soon the results you've been waiting will show up. Don't forget that your body's processes are most active at night. So try not to waste your night sleep.

7. Wearing height insoles

If you find the above 6 how to get taller tips too difficult for you, don't worry as there's always a shortcut. Now this is something no one will ever notice. They are placed in your shoes and you're taller the next second. Not to mention that the insoles will help you get a better posture. Height increasing insoles are very easy to find since there are specially developed for the ones that need some assistance.

They don't cost a fortune, are comfortable to wear and will add up to your effort. Either you choose to use them until you get to obtain some results through exercising or just make them a part of your life, the insoles will definitely make a difference.