Good News at Last!

One of the most common questions we get is “do shoe lifts work?”

do shoe lifts work

The reality is that they do indeed work.

The industry leaders when it comes to giving yourself a little extra height are the Lift Height Insoles.

We’ve been around for over 8 years now and in that time we’ve continued growing while also helping other people reach the heights that they’ve only dreamed of themselves.

Shoe lifts are available for both men and women and make a great alternative to elevator shoes, which are just outdated now.

Of course, the best thing about these insoles and shoe lifts is that they are completely comfortable and very discreet.

No one will ever tell you’re wearing them!

The Right Shoe Lift for Men

men's shoe liftsShoe lifts for men are becoming more popular each day.

More and more men are making the switch to Men Ultimate Shoe Lifts to give themselves a little extra height when they need it the most.

Even so, it’s somewhat extreme to ask each shoe you wear to give yourself another 2 inches of height.

That’s why we designed the best shoe lifts to give you as much lift as possible from every kind of shoe you wear.

This is why there are three different models.

We offer the Men Ultimate Shoe Lifts, Women Ultimate Shoe Lifts and Universal Shoe Lifts.

The Men Ultimate and Women Ultimate Shoe Lifts is adjustable to provide between 1.5 and 2 inches of height.

The Universal Shoe Lifts is also adjustable.

Shoe Lifts are Your Best Kept Secret

Our line of women’s shoe lifts is also becoming more and more popular.

It’s become a smash hit for women and it’s got more to do than just height.

Shoe lifts are also an ideal accessory for the girl that doesn’t always want – or have the need – to wear high heels.

The Women Ultimate Shoe Lifts gives your favourite pair of flats, wedges, sneakers or boots that extra bit of height in the heels.

They also help give you perfectly toned legs each and every day.

women's legs

We understand that you are already very beautiful.

We only want to give you some extra support.