No, you are NOT too short to be fashionable.

short men

Who says that tall men have it all?

Sure, while the dudes with long legs can pull off almost anything they wear, it takes more than height to look good.

When you have panache, charm, and a flattering outfit that suits your height, you can stand beside your tall friends proudly.

Don't believe me?

Then why not take a look at famous guys who have it all like Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Radcliffe, and Kevin Hart.

All these men are stylish and confident.

So how to look taller? To help you look and feel good about yourself, here are some popular fashion tips for short men:

1. Use shoe lifts

Want an immediate height boost?

Shoe lifts are the perfect literal and figurative example of something that increases your overall presence.shoe lifts

Simply insert shoe lifts into any pair of shoes with decent ankle support and you are ready to go.

2. Avoid loose clothing

Nothing makes you look short and stout like a baggy shirt.

Loose clothing does nothing to define the waistline.

Instead, the length of the shirt covers the waist and shortens the legs.

This is why you will never see a short male celebrity wearing anything but tailored suits jackets.

3. Wear well-fitted clothes

To continue from number 2, if you wear tailored clothing, you look taller.

You also will feel more confident in yourself.

Well tailored jackets and pants are recommended for even heavier men.

4. Avoid long hair

There is a reason long hair isn't immediately welcomed in the workplace.

long hair

Long hair looks unruly, disheveled, and not put together.

Plus, long hair will make your neck look shorter and add bulk to the shoulders.

5. Don't wear thick belts

Large belts and oversized, garish belt buckles will draw attention to your middle.

If you're short, you don't want people focusing on just the lower half of you.

Focus on simple, thin belts in dark colors like black or brown.

6. Stop overdoing the accessories

Again, the flashier you are around the waist and wrists, the less people will be looking up at you.

Resist the urge to wear your ornate class ring and try something simple like a silver necklace or sophisticated watch.

7. No long jackets

What does added length up top do? It weighs you down and makes your legs look shorter.

Don't wear long jackets. Opt for short and tailored to the waist to create lower body length.

8. Avoid breaks along the leg line

Pant breaks and long creases highlight your legs.

Breaks call attention and seem to invite the eye to check out how long your legs really are!

Take eyes off your legs by wearing trousers without any creases and for younger generations, body hugging pants and jeans.

9. Stand up straight

Sometimes simply changing how you usually stand can increase your height by a couple of inches.

When you slouch, you are curving forward and losing valuable height.


Plus, you are harming your posture and health.

You will look more confident and attractive by standing up straight.

10. Consider proper trouser size to make legs look longer and taller

Look at 80s and 90s fashion of hammer pants and bell bottoms.

Even tall men looked squat! Wider trouser sizes will eat at the natural shape of the leg, making your legs look thicker and shorter.

When the material fits appropriately, the result is the illusion of longer legs.

11. Dress in darker, cooler tones

Loud colors like bold reds, yellows, and oranges will cause people to focus on the wrong places.

It is fine to limit these colors to elements on your clothing or accessories, but you don't want to wear a shirt or pair of shorts that are bright.

Go for cooler color combinations to create a more fluid appearance.

12. But avoid going goth

Black makes things look smaller.

When lines are blurred, you will not only look thinner, you'll look smaller as well.

If you must wear black, create some depth and lines with a harmonious combination of black, gray, and navy blue.

13. Thin neckties over wide ones

Wide neckties are distracting. Why?

They make your neck, shoulder, and chest look thicker than reality.

Nothing makes a short man look shorter than an accentuated wide torso.

14. Go for ¼ to ½ cuff on suits

Even your arms and sleeves will be able to help you create an illusion that you are taller than what you are.

Suits should show off even a small portion of the end of your sleeves; around ¼ to ½ inch would do.

Tailored suits would hit the right sleeve length especially professionally-tailored suits.

15. Tailored to the waist

This technique will trick the naked eye and divert attention from your legs to your body and therefore overlooking your height.

16. Tuck in your shirt

Again, long and baggy clothing is your mortal enemy.

You want your waistline to be visible so you can make your legs look as long as possible.

One way to do this is to tuck in your shirt.

Untucked shirts should never cover the entire waist area.

Opt to have untucked shirts just graze the top of trouser pockets, around mid-belt line.

17. No horizontal stripes

Now here's one of the most important fashion tips for short guys.

A fashion don't is wearing horizontal stripes when you are wide and short.

Horizontal stripes create the illusion of width.

Vertical stripes, on the other hand, accentuate length and make people look taller and thinner.

Also avoid shirts with bright, overbearing patterns. These have the same effect as overwhelming horizontal stripes.

18. Button above the navel

When you wear a suit, make sure the button is above the navel.

A lower placed button will make your torso look too long and your legs too short.

19. Say bye to vests

Tall men can wear vests.

The look is flattering for them but not for you.

Don't pair a vest with a belt, either.


If you have to wear a vest, pair it with a lightweight suit jacket that is tailored to the waist.

20. Waistband at the waist

Wearing pants higher or lower than the waist will again shorten the lower extremities and will make you look shorter.

Wearing pants this way is flattering and shapes the backside.

21. Wear V-necks

Who says V-neck shirts are only for tall people?

You can wear V-necks to direct the eye from your legs; but make sure to pair this kind of shirt with well-fit pants or shorts at the appropriate length to achieve a lengthening effect.

22. No-vent jackets

You can appear even inches taller from the back.

A suit jacket with no vents or creases will make you appear taller since it makes your shoulders broader as well.

A jacket should fit well and there should be adequate room for the arms to move about even without the vents at the back.

23. Grooming

Keeping a WELL-groomed appearance makes you look smart and confident and a confident man is taller no matter what!


Keep your hair trimmed and your facial hair well-kept.

Trim bushman eyebrows and keep your face fresh and clean with a good shave and by using a natural facial wash and moisturizer.

24. T-shirt trouble

Sure, t-shirts are fine, but you need to avoid those cheap t-shirts with the generic box-shape and oversized sleeves.

We already covered what happens to short men who wear loose fitting shirts.

Make sure your t-shirts hug the body and the arms to help define the upper body.

25. Elevator shoes

There are professionally-made shoes that have two to three inch heels to make you physically taller.

You can even have your dress shoes tailor-made to get you that height boost in an instant!

You may also consider wearing boots which are usually higher and more flattering but keep to a simple design.

26. Avoid pant cuffs

This is an important tip about how to look taller for men.

Even when worn together with a suit, choose pants with no cuffs.

The cuffs near your shoes trim your legs and make you really short even when from afar.

Choose pants that are well-fit, professionally-tailored and with no cuffs or creases from the front and back to lengthen your legs.

27. Avoid oversized hats

You know those huge straw hats that women tend to like to block UV rays?

Don't you dare go putting anything like that on your head.

Stick to hats that don't add mass, such as beanies and berets.

Baseball hats work too.

28. No cargo shorts

Unflattering cargo shorts that fall to the knee and leave just your calves are out.


Choose shorts that fall above the knee and are a bit more form-fitting.

Pair this with a simple button-down shirt to create the top to bottom effect.

29. Slim-fit

Some guys absolutely loathe slim-cut, but hear us out on this one.

Slim-fit jeans and shirts will highlight the shape of your body and other endowments.


When your body is accented by what your wear, your height becomes less of an issue, because you are more visually appealing overall.

30. Dress simply

Ever hear of dress to impress?

Even when you go run a simple errand, appearing well-groomed and with tasteful clothes is much more attractive than someone who is dressed in ill-fitting garments.


Even if this person is taller than you, you will be much more approachable.

31. Think about your wardrobe

One way to master your style is to ditch the combinations that don't work for short men.

We already covered many of the double whammies that can really crush your outer appearance.

The first is baggy pants and oversized t-shirts.

Another would be the grunge look with long hair and loose-fitting flannel shirts.

When in doubt, dress “smart casual.”

32. Make friends with other short people

Friends are sometimes your best accessory, especially when they are shorter or around the same height as you are.

It's a simple way to turn the odds in your favor.

33. Don't worry about negativity

People will talk.

The media says height is preferred and that taller men are more attractive, but that's not necessarily true.

When you look at the number of short and average-sized male celebrities who have wonderful reputations and careers, it's obvious height has nothing to do with success.

Success and happiness is never based on a number.

34. Talk to people about your height concerns

If you are having a difficult time handling your height concerns, then you should talk to someone.

The best approach to overcoming your anxieties is to hear what some close to you thinks.

Ask for some advice in terms of fashion or if they have tips for boosting your height.

Who knows, they might just advise you to try shoe lifts!

35. Confidence

Having confidence means that it doesn't matter if you are as tall as Peter Dinklage or Shaquille O'Neal.

Both men are impressive, and their height difference doesn't even come into question until you actually think about how tall they both are.

36. Date shorter women

One reason short men often lack confidence is because they think women won't find them attractive.

Short women will love dating you because the two of you can work on getting to the top tier of the supermarket display together.


Seriously, though, a woman that doesn't have to wear heels to match their partner will be much happier!

37. Smile

A nice smile trumps a tall, frowning guy any day.

Having a warm smile and welcoming expression is always going to attract more people that height ever will.

38. Constructive criticism

Of course, we all make fashion mistakes.

We're all human, after all. Don't wallow when someone makes a remark about your stature.

Remember, people who say mean things about others are usually picking at something they despise about themselves.

Use their comments to be proactive about your fashion choices, too.

You will be able to adjust what looks good on your body based on what others say.

39. Consult a fashion adviser

If you are looking for good sound advice then a professional would be able to help you to the T.

A fashion adviser can teach you how to dress up and how to carry yourself despite your short stature.

Here's a video we made for more short people fashion trick.

40. Don't purchase second hand clothing

Men who want to look taller should take note that cheap clothing is that it has lost its original shape and size over time.

For someone who relies on clothes being tailored to your body, second-hand commissions are the worst addition to your wardrobe.

41. Save sports attire for the gym

Baggy sports jerseys don't look good on the players half the time.

How are you supposed to pull that off?

When you are out and about, avoid wearing your favorite team's jersey, unless you want to look short and stout.

42. Shorts and flip-flops?

If you have to ask this question, you might need some fashion reeducation.

Shorts and flip-flops are meant for the beach.

Though comfortable, flip-flops don't count as appropriate attire.

It's the same as socks with sandals.

You can't wear your shoe lifts with them either.

43. Just be you

At the end of the day, you should be dressing a style that works for you and makes you feel good.

With some confidence and a stylish boost to the wardrobe, you can focus less on look the part and start being the guy that everyone wants to meet!

Let your personality shine through.

When people like you for you, it doesn't matter what your height is!

So which fashion tip you most agree with and would try immediately?

Comment below and let us know!