First Date AdviceThe way you look, including how you dress and how groomed you are, have a powerful bearing on how well a first date goes, particularly when you're trying to make that all-important first impression.

Although your date is about much more than fashion, and even the most well turned-out appearance won't compensate for poor conversational skills, dressing well will help you – and your date – feel more comfortable, giving you the best chance of hitting it off.

Tip 1: Groom Yourself
The trendiest wardrobe in the world will have little impact if the frame those clothes are hanging on is grubby and unkempt. Give yourself enough time to have a thorough bath or shower before your date; wash and style your hair (though don't go overboard with the styling products); have a shave (or groom your designer stubble if that's your preferred look) and scrub and clip your nails.

Finish off your grooming routine with a splash of natural deodorant and a touch of scent.

Give your teeth a thorough clean and floss before leaving the house, and avoid strong-smelling foods like garlic, cheese and onion crisps or mature cheeses.

Tip 2: Tone it Down
First date fashion is definitely an area where the mantra 'less is more' comes into play. There are lots of reasons why you should avoid extremes of style and colour.

First, limiting your colour scheme to two or three by tying in shoes and accessories with the rest of your outfit is a mark of sophisticated dressing which will immediately raise you in her expectations.

Second, your date will be more likely to pay attention to what you say if you are not distracting her with loud clothes and third, ladies generally worry if they think they are going to have to compete with you in the fashion stakes – and an anxious date is not what you need.

Tip 3: Logos a No No
Sports and large brand logos on clothes are the hallmark of an immature dresser who doesn't know the difference between meeting a pal at a sports bar and wooing a lady on an evening out.

If you don't feel comfortable in a shirt, just wear a neat, plain T-Shirt instead.

Tip 4: Easy on the Bling
As with an overly showy outfit, lots of jewellery will be a distraction to the all-important conversation and suggest you are a superficial person. On the other hand, a subtle addition of a watch, ring and even a plain necklace can enhance your attire.

Tip 5: Prioritise your Shoes
A fashionable, clean, polished pair of shoes is a must on a first date, and you should make sure that what you wear on your feet ties in with the rest of your clothes.

Another great tip for men, especially those who are of less than average height, is to wear shoe lifts. You may get a pair from These raise the insoles of your shoes and lend you a subtle confidence-boosting increase in height.