Our Story

In today's world of pressure to appear in a certain way, techniques all over the world have started to make people tanner, thinner, and more beautiful.

Men are often at a disadvantage with limited options to enhance their features especially when it comes to increasing height with heels.

Founded in 2008 by Alan Newman, Lift Height Insoles started with the passion to prevent you from feeling height discrimination and to gain society's respect.

We provide Men Ultimate Shoe Lifts, Women Ultimate Shoe Lifts and Universal Shoe Lifts to give you more security with your height.

Daily Orders
Our Daily Orders- More Customers Become Part of Our Happy Family!

At Lift Height Insoles, we know that men specifically, strive for the attention and confidence in life to succeed.

We want to help them along the way.

That's we believe in giving men that chance to appear taller.

We provide a way to put a little more height into the shoe while making it look completely normal on the outside.

With our quality insoles that we deliver, you can stop people from looking down on you.

Our selection of shoe lifts for men is perfect for achieving that taller effect.

Women also have the chance to increase their height with our insoles designed for boots and rubber shoes for occasions they can't wear high heels.

Any one of our shoe lifts for women can help in continuing the illusion they show when wearing sky high heels.

Remember, we place our pride in providing the highest quality of shoe lifts and customer service.

All customers will receive their items within 5 business days upon order confirmation.

If you do not like our products for any reason within 30 days upon receiving, just contact us and you will get a 100% full refund back!

Every shoe lifts is made of a high quality neoprene gel that helps decrease pressure on joints and relieve pressure from your spine, all while making you taller.

People will perceive you a lot differently with the increased stature.

Their first impression of you will be one of a greater air of positive self-esteem and confidence, without you having said a word.