Customer Reviews for Lift Height Insoles™

Awesome product! Arrived earlier than expected. I didnt expect the product to be such good quality. It fits perfectly in my timberlands size 11 boots. I was already 6 foot tall but now with my boots and the lift insoles im about 6’3 wich is crazy !! Just got to get used going down the stairs with them haha. Do yourself a favor and buy some today !! Huge thanks to the guys at liftheightinsoles
Kevin, LA
Obviously guys can't wear high heels (well you could, but you'd get a lot of funny looks). i've always wanted something like that though because i'm naturally on the short side, my whole family is. these are perfect for me. it's a subtle way to make yourself taller without attracting any unwanted attention. a little more wanted attention though - a girl hit on me at the club two nights ago, which doesn't usually happen. i'm attributing it to the lifts. ;) nothing but positive comments from me!
John38, Brisbane, Australia
At four foot eight I was always the shy girl in class, and then once I entered the corporate world I began to notice that I was being over looked for promotions, raises and even parties! You hear all your life when you are short that tall people have the upper hand and that statistically they make more money. Well I wasn't going to deal with that anymore, so I thought I would give Women Ultimate Height Insoles a go. Within 2 months I was invited to my first staff party, at three months I got my first raise for the year and right now I am on my way to a bigger office and a better job! Not only have these lifts changed my working world they have changed my entire life.
Shelia Walker, PEI Canada



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What are Height Insoles?

Height insoles (often known as shoe lifts) are comfortable elevated shoe insole that gives you 1″ to 2.4" of added height.

You often see 2 types of height increasing insoles - full length insoles and half length insoles.

It is a clever way to look taller, without having to undergo risky height-boosting surgery.

Whether it seems unfair or not, society favors taller people.

Short men unfortunately also draw the shortest straw in many society-based outcomes, such as the jobs they get and how successful they are perceived.

Data collected throughout the years in various countries has found that taller men are considered much more attractive than their shorter peers, have been access to better paying jobs, and even lead more satisfying lives.

Does that mean you're destined to live out your life without ever tasting triumph?

Never! Shoe lifts are an amazingly imperceptible accessory that can boost you up just enough to help you break through the ceiling and seize the same advantages taller men have.

Those ADVANTAGES are as follows:

1. Being tall is considered more masculine.

taller advantageWhen a man is tall, especially in the eyes of women, he also looks that much more masculine.

This is partially due to natural selection and evolutionary reasons.

When men are taller, they look healthier, more muscular, and more dominant.

Plus, because taller men have to be “looked up to,” the subconscious equates this with being more dependable.

Ever since the age of cavemen, the male-female power differential was based on height vs. weight; so with some high quality shoe lifts, you too can be looked up to.

2. Taller men look more mature.

On the same note as the first point, people find it easier to rely on men who are taller because they exude an air of maturity and dependability.

Unfortunately, shorter men are often portrayed as slightly more childish and immature.

As a shorter gentlemen, you might find yourself constantly plagued by being underestimated simply because you don't have the same height advantage as your peers.

3. Height equals authority.

In 2014, the popular newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, published a report that talks about how some of the most successful CEOs throughout Sweden, Australian, and other countries stand taller than those around them.

Some of these CEOs have an unnatural height advantage of their employees.

In fact, the men (and women) had an average height of 180-185 centimeters (over 6 feet).

One could chalk up this power and authority advantage due to appearing slightly more intimidating.

But there is more to it than that.

Being taller means that you exude more authority - as seen in previous points.

Imagine having that kind of influence over your peers and superiors when asking for promotions, raises, and to be tasked with handling important business ventures.

4. Being tall is seen as more athletic.

Though taller people constantly tired of being asked if they play basketball and other sports, shorter men are immediately assumed to be inactive, desk jobs workers.

Even if they are very healthy and in shape. Why is that?

Of course, the answer brings us by the science and human psychobiology.

Longer arms and legs are perceived as being able to reach, throw, run, and move farther and faster than those with shorter limbs.

However, science has proven this to not be the case.

Shorter men can be just as fast and strong as their taller counterparts.

But, let's say you decided to slip some height increasing insoles into your shoes before a dating or job interview.

You will be surprised how a couple centimeters of height makes everything much easier.

5. Taller men have better luck at interviews.

taller interview advantageThere is no denying that taller men have all the luck when it comes to employment.

Throughout history, taller people have been treated much better than their average-sized counterparts.

Those with a height advantage are often chosen more quickly than those who are short or blend in with the crowd for reasons as listed in this article as well as others.

First, people are biased when choosing taller people for certain jobs.

You might be next to someone with several centimeters of height over you, and even if your resume is far more impressive, the immediate impression left on the interviewers is that your competition is going to fulfill the job's duties better than you can.

Second, that taller individual will probably have better social skills than you do.

Because they were never picked on for being short, they don't have any inferiority complexes.

In fact, they were able to gain the greatest benefit from social interactions because they were always given the benefit of the doubt in school, life, and other work experiences.

6. More height, more confidence.

taller more confidenceAlthough it is probably already obvious, the taller you are, the more confidence you have.

In 2015, Business Insider published an article that talked about several studies looking at the advantages taller men have over their peers.

The first bit of research that was mentioned dealt with the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan finding that tall adolescents receive more opportunity throughout their lives.

The research is important to note because it shows that those who were tall during their childhood were more likely to engage in social activities, school clubs, and generally have more friends.

By the time they were in their 30s, they were making much more than their shorter coworkers.

Because these people had more access to social activities and more chances to meet other people, they are naturally much more confident than those who are shorter.

How does this translate into your career?

Self-confidence elevates the chances of receiving promotions, getting in on major projects, having better relationships with your superiors, and receiving more trust from your fellow employees.

Increase Your Height Instantly with Height Increasing Insoles

Though it has been mentioned a couple of times already, there is one way to get the height advantage taller men have been receiving their entire lives without doing anything too extreme, like having to undergo extensive surgery.

height increasing insolesHeight-increasing insoles, also called a shoe lift or height insoles, are a simple yet effective means to boosting yourself up.

A shoe lift is a specially designed insole that fits inside the shoe to lift your heels up slightly.

These taller inserts are hidden inside your shoe, so the only person who has to know you are wearing lifts is you.

By using these comfortable height insoles, you can turn any high-top shoe, including business shoes, trainers, and boots, into your own elevator shoe.

All you need to do is simply slipping them into your high ankle support shoe.

Lift Height Insoles can also be moved from shoe to shoe.

They are much less noticeable than silly looking platform shoes (which are also incredibly hard to walk in) and much easier to use in daily activities.

Imagine yourself as up to 2.4 inches (6cm) taller.

You can feel a surge of empowering confidence, assertiveness, and dominance in every factor of your life.

You are able to put a swing in your step that attracts more attention your way (positively, of course) and your whole physical demeanor gets a boost from these magic little creations.

Whether you want to be bold and tell the world about the beauty of these creations, or keep quiet and silently enjoy the pleasure, try our men's height insoles or women's height insoles today to change your life for the better.